Quality, commitment

and knowledge.

We only work with raw materials of excellence.

All kinds of knitwear at your disposal.

Following the trends of the international market.

For all kinds of ideas and shapes.

GOTS Certification WTG - CU 1023429
Quality service

We provide quality services that give credibility to the textile sector

We are a trading company of knitwear, fabrics and accessories whose mission is the innovation and differentiation of products.


Come and visit our Showroom.

Our Showroom is divided by collections and subdivided by products that are marketed by each department (knitwear, fabrics and accessories). In this way those who visit us can find in a single space, what they are looking for.


1450 m² of knitwear, fabrics and accessories.

In order to respond to the immediate needs of those who are looking for us, we have in stock a vast array of products / raw materials that can be marketed as they are or are processed at the customer's request.

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Every day is a new start to new opportunities!

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