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We are a trading company of knitwear, fabrics and accessories whose mission is the innovation and differentiation of products.

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Specialized in the trade of knitwear, fabrics and accessories

The World Textile Group (WTG) is a knitwear, fabrics and accessories trading company whose mission is to innovate and differentiate products, as well as a service that strives for speed and quality, helping to ensure delivery excellence and satisfaction of our customers.


The organization has grown rapidly but sustainably, having been founded in March 2008 by professionals with many years of experience. It was this know-how the main foundation to expand the business in its various levels.

Nowadays, these same professionals with proofs in the most diverse international markets in which WTG is inserted, enable the formation of new professionals with innovative ideas, as well as the introduction of new technologies.

This global vision, always oriented towards sustainable growth, has allowed us to reach a level with worldwide visibility with the obtaining of a portfolio of clients of excellence. WTG is in a privileged position to be a reference among the main players in the market and to be a reference of excellence in products and services.

It is a requirement of the WTG team to provide quality services that give credibility to the Textile sector, allowing us to distinguish our organization from others in the eyes of our customers, always betting on visionary and futurist business partners, in this era of globalization.

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Our Products

A team of professionals dedicates themselves exclusively to the research and development of the product, having as responsibility to develop two annual collections. We sell all kinds of knitwear, fabrics and accessories from any part of the world.

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